Hi folks,

I due to illness decided to try my hand at something new, making basic games. My son has cerebral palsy and the games and programs to suit these kids needs is pretty crappy, so I thought if I could learn to make games, and having a child and understand the needs, that maybe I could get to a point where I could help one day.

I was advised from reading online that a basic sniper game is a good introduction, so I decided to start there.

I am using Flash Mx 2004 and I am really new to everything, so please bare with me.

The cross hair code I used is working, and it is as follows.


I have 3 layers,
1st is cross hair
2nd is target
3rd is scene

So I went to the third layer and drew in some basic buildings.
I then went to the target layer and created a stickman to shoot at.
After creating the stickman I selected him and hit F8 to create a movieclip. I then doubled clicked on the stickman

I then enter in new key frames with the target starting to fall on frame two and on the ground in frame three.
I then inserted a frame into slot four to finish.

On frame one and frame four I put the following.

I then on frame one turned the stickman I drew into a button
and entered the following script.


From this point apparently you can ctrl enter and you should be able to shoot the stickman, but what I get is the crosshair layer and if I use it on full screen I can move the cross hair all the way to the right and just see the scene I created.

SO basically it is if the crosshair layer is blocking out all of the other layers behind.

The tutorial I did shows the game working at this stage, but for me I get the above error.
I have done the tutorial from start to this point twice now. I can't work out what I have done wrong.
Any ideas? As I really want to learn where I went wrong so I can fix this.
I was hoping to eventually add in multiple targets in case that makes a difference to the answer?