Hello. I have created aplication on my website dedicated to vBulletin boards(not all but im workign on that).
But work on this forum.

you can see first verion of this aplication ( desktop aplication writen in c++ now is aplication on website writed in js,flash,php ) here otland.net/f19/otland-desk-otland-net-desktop-aplication-159136/


Multi Desk is a easy program thanks to which we will be informed about new subjects which will be contained on this page in the voice form .
The program let us choose the section in which we are interested in (subforum , thread )

for example:

Scrypt : vBulletin
Forum/thread : Forum
Forum : http://board.flashkit.com/board/
Thread : forumdisplay.php?11-Coffee-Lounge
In thread you cant write because it doesn't work.

click : Submit!

and now you got control allert

if you see

and sound ( incoming message ) play twice everyting work correct : )

Hope you like it.

Multi desk on http://www.stayinthelight.org/multideskf2.php