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Thread: Oriented-Object-Programming achievements in a game

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    Oriented-Object-Programming achievements in a game

    I'm kind of stuck in the logic of trying to make my code as re-useable as possible in linking achievements to the game itself.

    I have the following display classes:

    AchievementScreen //A stage size screen that contains all display objects related
    MedalCollection //The part of the screen containing the medals
    MedalSet //Contains all the medals for a certain achievement type (kill 10/100/500 monsters would be in the same medal set)
    Ribbon //top part of the medal
    Badge //bottom part of the medal

    Looks like this if you're curious: http://i.imgur.com/UhiaJ.png

    I also have a static class named Achievements that contains the whole of requirements and description for each achievements.

    Now what I don't know how to approach is the way to implement the linking between the Stats static class (which keep track of all player statistics like damage dealt, kills, etc) to the actual classes of the game itself and to Achievements and AchievementScreen's medals.

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    Using the MVC model is a way of organizing your movie and you have control over it.

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