hi i have created a form of mathematical calculator for a company and they all look great about 3 months ago i stopped because the ones i needed was finished about 2 days ago i was asked to make some more with different mathematics so i created them easily but i used the time and date code from the originals and put it all into the same places as the originals but errors keep coming up in the compiler errors box at the bottom that i have never seen before this is the code i'm using for the time

// getting the date
mydate_ist = new Date();
hrs_ist = mydate_ist.getHours();
mins_ist = mydate_ist.getMinutes();
//put zeros where needed
if (hrs_ist<10) {
hrs_ist = "0" add hrs_ist;
} else {
hrs_ist = hrs_ist;
if (mins_ist<10) {
mins_ist = "0" add mins_ist;
} else {
mins_ist = mins_ist;
if (mydate_ist.getsec_istonds()<10) {
sec_ist = "0" add mydate_ist.getsec_istonds();
} else {
sec_ist = mydate_ist.getsec_istonds();
//send to text field
Clock.text = ""+hrs_ist+":"+mins_ist;

this code is fully working on the original calculators as shown on


currently not showing on firefox =C

any ideas or help please ???