Hi guys

I've been using onLoad XML on my software and it's been working well until today, i noticed incomplete output.. and upon investigating i was shocked to find out (if true) that onLoad XML can't handle < or > signs????

You see i just need to bring in a whole bunch of string in it's rawest form, backslashes and all, and let my software handle parsing and securing code and all that.. loadVariables is outdated and it can't handle html special characters the way i want it to, and it "&" signs just ends the string (as expected in the URL form).. so I always thought using load() does this perfectly leaving the string im bringing into flash preserved...

//setup data
myData = new XML();
myData.onLoad = function(success) {

myDataString = myData.toString();
//prompt("string=" + myDataString);


but now i just found out that myDataString is cut off on the first "<" sign encountered!! i was horrified coz i've been using this software i did for a long time already and Gawd knows how many cut offs i've had

Is there a quick way to correct this? or perhaps a better method of bringin in PURE STRING into flash? although everything works except for this so a fix or a noHTML switch or somethign would be much preffered..

Please help. ...