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Thread: Why do people still use as2 in 2012?

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    Unhappy Why do people still use as2 in 2012?

    Clicking "New Posts" I see a lot of as2 threads. WTF?
    who is this? a word of friendly advice: FFS stop using AS2

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    Possibly the same reason that we still use methods created by ancestors today!!

    or people still use supermarkets instead of grocery shopping on line!

    its not going away, some folk still use win nt or 98 believe it or not!

    for what its worth.

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    it used because action script 3 is a different language so there is more learning involved it is the same as css3 and css2 even thou css3 has been out a while most people still are not using it fully within web development it will just take time

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    I personally code any new projects using AS3. But going back and modifying old projects (usually done by someone else) also required the knowledge of AS2.

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    After paying all that money for flash 8 I dont have the cash to buy cs3 :/ I only use it for personal fun flash movies and such however
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