Hi Guys

Yes it's another one of those questions. It's been a while since I've asked this question so I figured I'd ask it again.

I may PHP programmer using Flash as my GUI , under AS2... there's a real and solid reason why I'm still on AS2, let's not get into WHY... but focus on the point. HOW LONG do you think will we survive? And specifically the AS2 side of things..

Last time i asked this question, i think someone said there's still AS2 in the next few versions of Flash.. but now i've not even heard of the new version of Flash yet.... i'd hate it to be just Flex.. right now there are things that i've done for my GUI enhancements like animations, transitions and FX, that one can't do in FLex (some for flare only but some are actually useful) ..

But w/ mobile devices dropping Flash support already, w/c is really sad, in favor of HTML5.. I love HTML5, but HTML5 to replace FLASh RIGHT AWAY (key word is RIGHT AWAY) when HTML5 is still in its infancy, and Flash in full blown maturity, is just stupid.. and try doing interactive animations in Flash and mimic that in HTML 5.. in Flash i can do it in mere seconds.. in HTML5 it requires tons of code using AJAX and other crap, just to get a simple and smooth interactive animation ... even a just simple FLASH tween animation (point to point) vs lines and lines of code on HTML5..

anyway we can't fight change, but the question is.. HOW LONG do we have? and SPECIFICALLY for ME, doing Win32 applications using PHP APACHE MYSQL as backend and FLash AS2 GUI (Projector and Browser based interfaces)... i actually have a bunch of applications deployed from simple Customer database to a full blown inventory and accounting.. and right now im working on a medical software for a local hospital w/c is about 80% done already. i look to support and update this for a looong time.. but maybe even ADOBE will drop already FLASH soon ... it's kinda worrying..

What you guys think?