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    Animated button links to pause on mouse over

    Hi everyone!

    I heard this is a judgement free zone as i am a "getting better" flash designer who is really just an elementary school teacher trying to put together a website for my kids.

    I have animated my school mascot, and i would like him to be juggling links on the main page. His hands are not going to move but there are 5 little movie clips that are going to be orbiting around him like they are being juggled. I would like them to pause when the mouse is over them so they can be clicked and sent to another part of the page. Im wondering the best steps to take when accomplishing this.

    I have a couple questions.

    1. Should all the buttons be in one animation so i can easily use code snippets for mouse events? Or should they all be in their own animation?

    2 should they be buttons or are movie clips just fine

    3. Im guessing the code for the mouse event will not be on the main stage but inside the button animation.

    4. Am i making too much of a big deal out of a little thing?

    Thank you for all the help. It hard finding flash help in an elementary school


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    Hello Josh-
    If you are manually animating the links in a timeline of a movie clip, then pausing the animation is as simple as adding an event listener to that clip, and stopping when you roll over and playing when you roll out.

    1) There are many ways to create the same looking application with flash, putting the buttons inside one animation should work ok.

    2) Buttons or MovieClips will work for the links. if you do go with MovieClips you probably want to use mc_name.buttonMode=true to get the hand cursor.

    3)Where you put the code depends on where you are comfortable. You can have code on the main timeline that talks to items inside a child movie clip

    4) I am not sure how big of thing it is yet. The links flying to another part of the page sounds more difficult than starting and stoping the juggling mascot.

    Good Luck on your solution!

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    Thank you so much for the quick reply. Im going to see if i can do this tonight and i'll let you know!


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