(ActionScript 2 ONLY)

Hi there!

My site is a SWF which loads on user requests data from a MySQL DB via PHP.
I have no problem mastering the whole communication process.

On the Home page, along with News which are already presented in the main right part of the page, I wish to display on the left part some reminders of essential services offered and also mandatory actions registered users must do when visiting the site.

The DB returns: an array with a | delimiter and the total of the array items.

In Flash, I use the following function to get the array:

remindersFct = function () {
    var myReminders = new LoadVars();
    myReminders.identity = "reminders";
    myReminders.onLoad = function(ok) {
      if (ok) {
        _root.reminderFld.html = true;
        var myArray:Array = new Array(myReminders.mydata.split("|"));
        myArray.length = myReminders.totalItems;
      else {
remindersFct();//start the process
I want to know differents things...:

1 - How can I "explode" this array into its differents items (all of them are strings of text)
2 - Then, how can I tell the SWF to display them, one after another, in the appropriate htmlText field
3 - How can I adjust the duration of each of these items based on the length of the text they contain

Many thanks in advance for your help!