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Thread: [RESOLVED] getURL

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    resolved [RESOLVED] getURL

    hello people!

    would i be right in thinking getURL wont work if the swf is running locally or from a CD?
    And if this is the case is there a work around?

    just to make sure i'm not being a big thicky this is what i'm using on my button...

    on(release) {getURL("http://www.google.co.uk", "_blank");
    The swf will be running locally on machines but needs to provide working links to web pages...


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    You are correct about not working locally, you can however publish the exe file and it will work, not sure if you need to allow content to run on my computer, but i tested with and without, it worked.

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    thanks, yea did consider an exe but the client spec is flash running in html...
    never mind! cheers

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