My Flash-based website (I have Flash CS 5.5) is made entirely in Flash and then I drop my final swf file into Dreamweaver in order to push the site to the web.
I am at a total loss. I recently revamped my portfolio, because the images were too small. The site is a dynamic loading interface where I have scripted different movies to be played when one clicks on a button, like "portfolio" for example. I made the new movies bigger so that I can fit larger paintings on the site. The "loadbox" on the index page is where the movies load into. In Dreamweaver "live" view or when I test the individual files in Flash, everything looks great, but when I push it live, the images have some smushed areas where it isn't crisp and clear. I have tried everything and cannot figure it out! I would greatly appreciate any help. Maybe something is wrong with the size of the loadbox? Maybe something is wrong with the Dreamweaver file?