I'm very very very completely new with flash (or in coding) and I really need help.
I'm using Flash CS4 AS2

I have 4 movie clips in 4 different layers.

mv1 in layer 2
mv2 in layer 3
mv3 in layer 4
mv4 in layer 5

I put the movie clips in the second frame of each layer

I want to play mv1 then after that mv2 and after that mv3 and after that mv4.

In layer 1, I tried using this code


and on the last frame of mv1, I use this code

gotoAndPlay ('mv2');

It totally doesn't work. Even the mv1 doesn't start.

I know that this is very simple and I tried browsing the internet searching for clues but I just can't find it.
All I found always involve with buttons.

I'm hoping all the flash masters here can help me.

Thank you very very very much for helping.