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Thread: Newbie - Moving between movie clips

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    Newbie - Moving between movie clips


    I'm very very very completely new with flash (or in coding) and I really need help.
    I'm using Flash CS4 AS2

    I have 4 movie clips in 4 different layers.

    mv1 in layer 2
    mv2 in layer 3
    mv3 in layer 4
    mv4 in layer 5

    I put the movie clips in the second frame of each layer

    I want to play mv1 then after that mv2 and after that mv3 and after that mv4.

    In layer 1, I tried using this code


    and on the last frame of mv1, I use this code

    gotoAndPlay ('mv2');

    It totally doesn't work. Even the mv1 doesn't start.

    I know that this is very simple and I tried browsing the internet searching for clues but I just can't find it.
    All I found always involve with buttons.

    I'm hoping all the flash masters here can help me.

    Thank you very very very much for helping.

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    when trying to go to a specific frame... you have two very basic options...

    using quotes you can call the actual frame label. that can be manually set in the properties box... or without quotes, simply place the number of the frame between the parenthesis ..



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    for what i think you are trying to achieve.. do this.
    give each movie clip a unique instance name.. then at the end of each movie tell it to stop and then call the other movie by instance name and tell it to play. do that for however many movies you need..
    first and last frame of each movie should be blank with the stop command. or learn how to load and unload movie clips.


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    I agree with skedman to extent id of done it very slighlty diffrent make your first frame with no videos on it just make it a entry frame and use the code
    which stops it from automactically looping
    Then have 2 buttons one giong to each frame with a video in and use the code
    on (release) {
    gotoAndStop(no of frame)
    which then is saying go to that frame play the frame but go no futher and if you have your videos embeded on each frame then they should play if you want to autoplay them click on the video then parametres then autoplay will be under there.
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