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Thread: AS3: fscommand buttons won't work in SWF, only in EXE.

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    AS3: fscommand buttons won't work in SWF, only in EXE.

    I have an interface that has nine buttons scripted with AS3 fscommand code and when pushed, a call is made to proxy application to run batch files. When I compile the .fla to an .swf, pushing the buttons won't activate the proxy apps. However, when I compile the .fla to an .exe and the buttons are pushed - everything works. My question is: why do the proxies work in Flash compiled .exe's and not in .swf's? (NOTE: this has been a bane to my programming existence ever since AS1.) Thank you for all replies!

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    Simular reason calling an php file from within flash only works when it is on the server,

    A swf is designed to work in a browser as a plug-in(embed) where the browser connects to the flash player. An exe is designed to operate within the windows operating system and the flash player is within the exe.

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