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Thread: Loader / unloader - youtube

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    Loader / unloader - youtube

    Hi all

    I'm having serious problems with AS3 (It is so hard compare to AS2)....... basically I have 2 issues.

    1) If I click into the introduction video (biggest thumnbail on main page) - and then click home it works. However, if I go into the same section again and then click home once more......it doesn't work, it throws up this....

    TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
    at SheenaCD_fla::MainTimeline/frame223()
    at flash.display::MovieClip/gotoAndPlay()
    at SheenaCD_fla::MainTimeline/HomeHandler()

    Now I assumed that it was because the event listeners were still active, so you'll see that I've tried to remove them prior to adding them again........

    2) Sometimes, even though I make sure that I unload the relevant loader for the movie clip the unloaded clip will still play in the background. I've even added soundmixer.stopAllSounds and that doesn't fix it.

    How can I ensure that when someone navigates back to the main page or back to the sub section from a video page (note that I've only put 3 in so far) that it works !!

    This is so frustrating and I've spent literally hours on this.....

    Could some kind soul please help me.

    I've uploaded my fla file (CS6) all rar'd up to :-

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    The problem with your movie are the frames. It is very difficult to control things with AS, because when objects are missing in frames, you get a null error. When you pass by a frame, the AS is taken up. The problem is solved, when your home button script contains this:
    instead of going back to "MAIN". I don't understand your movie really, but in the frame 1 in the script there is something, which prevents Sub1, for example, to become null.
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