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    Hiddenly preload multiple SWF files?

    First of all, I want to clarify I'm a newbie with flash. I have started looking into it very recently, and I'm still a big noob in the subject, so PLEASE if you want to answer my question, use easy/understandeable instructions/terminology like for a 10 year old so I can understand them LOL (if it's step by step instructions, better *w*)

    I've researched for a long time and STILL can't find a solution for my problem, and the few ones I find 50% I can't understand them -_-

    I created an HTML website, all the pages contain multiple SWF files (header, navbar, titles, content, etc.), I carefully checked while making them that all the SWF files are small in size (85% of them are around 300KB, and the largest one is 481KB), I thought that this way it would look nice and smooth once I uploaded it, but it didn't. Once uploaded in my server, all the SWF files while loading my website got all lagged up, constant freezes, etc. Once they were 100% loaded; they look perfect, but while they're loading; for the viewer, it's horrible.

    My question is: I need a script or SOMETHING that will load all my SWF files at once so this doesn't happen. I was thinking of creating an index page with an "enter" button, and THERE I can put the code or whatever for it to hiddenly start loading all my SWF files, so then once I open up the website, all the SWF files are already going to be loaded and run smoothly. I need to preload 18 SWF files.

    How can I do this? or what other methods do you suggest?

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    I did a quick Google Search and came up with this site: http://blog.sebastian-martens.de/201...lude-swfflash/

    I'm not sure if it works or not but it sounds like if it does it will do what you want.

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