Importing, Downloading something on as3 / help please :/
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Thread: Importing, Downloading something on as3 / help please :/

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    Importing, Downloading something on as3 / help please :/

    Hello, im new on as3 and wondering sth;
    assume that im developing an application for iphone... is it possible on as3 to download a content into the device (or into the application) and while application is processing (or in a later use of app); when we need it again, take it from the download location...
    For example i need to show some photos to the user in the app, instead of working with the internet connection and downloading the photos again again for every use, download them into the app once; then later, see them without internet connection (do not save them to the camera roll, just import into app, or keep in some directory, but not camera roll!)
    you can ask me why dont i import the content before i publish the app as ipa, but the content is not fixed, it is changeable, i can change the photos which i will show in the app...
    this will also help: i will publish some kind of package of photos on somewhere (maybe on a spesific website), and the user can see and download the new packages into the app directly from the app...
    thank you...

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    You can do this with EncryptedLocalStore

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