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    Need help with feasability!

    I have an idea for a website I've developed over the years but have no real experience working with flash.

    I would like to create a flash "template" where up to a few hundred rectangles will be arranged in rows and columns, similar to an Excel spreadsheet.

    Each rectangle will have a unique ID assigned to it.

    I want the flash movie to access a MySQL database with PHP to pull query results and then use that data to populate fields in the rectangles.

    I also want this to operate as a map-like utility where a user could pan, zoom in, zoom out, etc.

    As the user zooms into a certain "scale factor", the query/populate functionality kicks-in and starts loading the data into the rectangles.

    If they pan at that level, it will refresh the data.

    If they zoom back out, it will drop the data and just show the "template".

    Is something like this possible?

    Any tips or shortcuts?

    I realize that setup of the first "template" with all of the rectangles having unique IDs would be time-consuming.

    Is there any other way to set this up?

    Any help with this is greatly appreciated!!


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    Sounds like this would be similar to the way a gallery would operate. You might look into using an external XML file to hold the information need for the Query.

    The template could be generated using for..loops, with information pulled from the XML file.

    For the map-like functionality, were you thinking of using a navigation interface, to pan, zoom, etc, ?

    Tip: OOP it, use class files.

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    Thanks for your reply!

    The data resides in a MySQL DB so getting the data out and parsing it won't be a problem.

    Unfortunately, I can not use FOR loops to generate template/layout.

    I would like to have a navigation interface for pan, zoom in, zoom out, move N, move S, move E, move W type controls for browsing the template file.

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