hello all,
we have a project that will require us to roll out an “office tour” style flash presentation to be hosted within an html environment.

as of now, the examples that we have come across have been built using a flash 3d engine such as Away3D, Alternativa Platform and Sophie3D.

we are looking for a developer to design and program the presentation.

attached is a link of an almost identical project we would like to mimic. i like the functionality of this example more so than the design. (this particular project was found on the alterniva platform showcase). http://wineperm.ru/enter/

although we would prefer a "walk-through" style presentation, we are also willing to consider the following style:

transition using hotspots
- http://www.baumueller-services.com/de/de/?cbox=maintain
- http://www.sophie3d.com/website/inde...eryItem=museum
- http://www.energiesparhaus-plus.de/app/index.html

we will be needing to develop and design the office building from scratch since we do not have an actual building nor do we have future plans to build one.

the following links show design styles that i am looking to achieve (or get as close as possible):
- http://www.stephenking.com/the_office.html#
- http://3docean.net/item/green-room/3...thor=Colorsark
- http://3docean.net/item/interior-min...uthor=d3luxxxe

although, i’ve outlined my “perfect-world” scenario, i am open to suggestions that you feel might enhance the project. my main goal is to present information based on a room selection of the office building.

please feel free to contact me with any questions at jacob[at]blondecreative[dot]com