So I have a simple flash creation, which I want to run on iOS, it's set to AIR 3.5 in Flash Professional and it works fine when I publish preview it with flash however I face problems when publishing for iOS.

It's a simple animated book, mostly made of videos (embedded FLVs) with text on the bottom and you touch to interact. When published and tested on iOS however the sound doesn't work and the video is choppy. The sound is just in the timeline and set to stream (although I've tried other options) and there's still nothing on iOS at all. I realise you can't import FLV's with sound as flash tells me so, I need sound to accompany the short videos though.

Also to solve video choppyness (less of an issue than sound) people recommend StageView and H.264 encoded video, I have the H.264 but is there any simple way to get StageView working in Flash Professional?

I'm desperate to get this working. It all seemed so simple to start with but iOS doesn't seem to like anything I do.