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    Need help with my game

    Hi, I'm making a little game for school. It's a drag- and drop game for little kids, it's the same concept as a puzzle game. The kids have to drag a figure into the tright contour and it 'clicks' into its place. I made 'targets' on my stage and buttons inside my figures, and when the targets hit the buttons (HitTest function), my figure goes to the right place. I hope it's a bit clear. This is my code for 1 puzzle piece (I changed the instance names to obvious names and to bold to make it easier for you):

    MYMOVIECLIP.onPress = function () {

    MYMOVIECLIP.onRelease = function () {




    Anyways, the game works and all, but i'd like something to happen when all the pieces are in its place. A movieclip with a sound popping up would be cool, but I have no idea how to do it... Any suggestions? thanks!

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    i thinks nice work but you have to increase difficulty level .........

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    Heya sorry I not replied to your post sooner.
    Just been a little busy.

    Your method seems to mean you are manually setting each movieclip a drag function

    You want to use a loop.
    I have a bit of free time tonight so I will write a little something.

    Trust my code, and not my english.

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