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    Question I am looking for a game


    This may be the wrong place to post such a question/request, but I could not think of anywhere else (Google had no website specifically for people looking for certain flash games), and sites such as Newgrounds and Kongregate failed to proffer what I was looking for.

    It was a very short, very crude flash game that had a simple, emotional, profound point about life. You are a man moving to the right in side-scroller fashion, having to go up and down to get around obstacles of simple squares and rectangles. Then you come across a mate (husband/wife), and he/she literally becomes a part of your character. Continuing to the right, you have to again move up and down to get around simple obstacles, only it's a tiny bit tougher since you and your partner now make up a bigger character. After maybe a minute of this, the characters are portrayed as old, then maybe another 30 seconds after this, your partner turns into a grave and you are left to continue moving alone. After maybe another 30 seconds, you yourself turn into a grave.

    It is not an example of amazing or ingenious flash mastery; it simply made a clear point about life. It was a game that would often deeply affect the player and for many would bring a tear near the end.

    Again, it was maybe 1 1/2 to 2 minutes long. Does anyone know of the game I am talking about? I also once again apologize if this is either in the wrong section of this forum or does not belong on this forum at all.


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