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    Exclamation Video Concerns ~ Need help badly

    Here it goes.

    I have 3 videos of the same content (same duration) but viewed on 3 different angles (Top, Side & Oblique). I need to create 3 toggle buttons to switch views from 1 video to another.

    The catch is, when the viewer plays the video, he/she has the option to switch view without stopping the original videos but continuously play on the same duration as the previous angle. He/she also have the option to pause/stop/rewind/fast-forward the video (I can disable the toggle buttons while the pause/rewind etc. are active)

    I found a code that can load videos with pause/stop/rewind/fast-forward buttons and it's working with a slider too, but it can only load 1 video at a time and once you reload another video, it stops the previous video.

    Let's say, I'm watching Front View Video now then I decided to watch the Oblique View, After Clicking the Oblique View toggle button the video SHOULD CONTINUE on the same duration, however; it stops the Front View Video from playing then plays the Oblique View from the beginning instead.

    This is driving me crazy and I can't find a good way to solve this. Any help that can at least give me a lead and direction will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    place them all behind each other and have them all playing, then just set .visible = true for the one you want to be visible and false for other two.
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