Hello guys !

Flash games have evolved and become required games for adults

Not as before flash games were interesting only young.

let's take a look for the games and capture from it indeas :

Yours Top 20 flash game for the year 2012-2013

1.Counter Strike De Hiekka
Practice your shooting skills with a high power sniper rifle. Practice in three scenes from the map De Hiekka.

2.Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
This is a hardest fighter who has survived many fightings. Every fighting makes him more powerful!

3.Angry Birds
Launch the most pissed off birds in history. Destory all those green pigs with their snide remarks and uncoordinated color matching. Those helmets are weak!

4.Best Tennis
Use the arrow keys to move. Press the Spacebar to serve the ball, then use the Spacebar to hit the ball. You can try to direct where your shot will land using the arrow keys.

5.Puzzle Bobble
Awesome classic game. Play with arrows and space bar.

6.Death Penalty Zombie Football
This competition is really killer! Sometimes soccer really is a zombie-eat-forward world...

7.Smart Car Drive
An automotive brand of Daimler AG, is a manufacturer of microcars produced in Hambach, France.

8.Mario New Game
Free new mario game, funny classic game

9.Carbon Auto Theft
Play Free : Carbon Auto Theft

10.Farm mania
Best farm game, play it now