ok, I have an _mc (letterspot_mc) that animates across the screen. it is just a square, I want to be able to place this letterspot_mc on the stage and have a random letter appear inside it each time it starts.

do I need to make all 36 alphanumeric characters into _mc's? ex:a_mc b_mc etc etc.....

also A good start on the random() code will be helpful. I'm thinking picking random from an array of strings may be a way to go.

this is the next step in a simple typing game I am working on. I have a game that scrolls a set of letters I typed across the bottom. the user can press the keyboard to match the letter or a button on a picture of a keyboard. there is no error checking for correct letters. I may add that later. it is an attempt to get young students used to the keyboard.

thank you for ant thought on this.