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    Cross Dissolve by Clicking a Button

    I'm creating a simple flash feature with only three buttons, but I need your help:

    First button - click and it opens our inventory flash flip book. the problem is, the flip book is already in flash, and I have no idea how to make it so when i'm clicking the button, it opens the flip book in the same window.
    Second button - when you click it, it dissolves to a new window where you can see our contact information + 'back' button. how do I create this dissolve on demand and back?

    I got the third button fine.

    please help me with that,
    thank you!

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    I am not sure I understand your problem completely.

    You can load the FlipBook SWF into the same swf with the buttons. BUT I am having trouble understanding if your contact information is also in flash or on an HTML page. Making transitions is very easy in flash but I dont know exactly what you want the final product to do.

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