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    noob question: communication between swf's


    I have a swf, which should open another swf.
    I was instructed to use:

    _btn.onPress = function() {
    getURL(_root.popout, "");

    Should I stick this in a frame action? and instance my button to '_btn'.
    What do I do with the 'popout' part and the ""?


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    call your button my_btn then on a frame action use:

    my_btn.onPress = function(){loadMovie("myswf.swf", 10);}

    the bit between the "" is the path to the external swf, so in this case the other swf is called myswf.swf and is in the same directory as the swf calling it. The 10 is the level its being loaded onto.

    hope that helps!

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