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    Unhappy I came from the past (Macromedia Flash 5 to Adobe Flash CS5)

    Hi all,

    I'm like somebody getting out of a black hole: I worked with (Macromedia) Flash 5 several years ago. Then, I passed to other issues, and I haven't used Flash for years (like ten).

    Now, I'm back to Flash (Adobe, CS5)... and... er.... Jeez >_<

    Passing over the interface thing (I don't want to start a flame that I'm sure already occurred), could someone explain me the most important new things?

    For example: main diferences between "classical tweens" and new ones.

    Or, ActionScript pannel: OMG, with Flash 5 it was so easy to find the "gotoAndPla" or set the "onMouseBlablabla". Why the hell is now so obscure? Is there any easy way of use, or now it's necessary to know all the language to be able to find something?

    Well, I'm sure I'll get lots of questions. But it's enough for today.


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    Hello rarray,


    Nice to hear that you already familiar with Flash IDE.
    Most of the old ways are still there in Flash new version as you mentioned of classic tween and gotoAndPlay but the interface has changed in the new IDE. So you have to learn for a day or so to know how to use it. Flash has changed many things from Flash 5 but you can become familiar quickly without spending much time with it.
    This forum is actively sharing knowledge from old to new techniques and also you get help if you willing to learn the ActionScript language to make yourself more powerful developer in interactive applications.
    What I suggest is to follow some basic flash video tutorials and do play with the basic Flash tools.
    Hope you will feel comfort within a week.


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