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Thread: Delay in drop down menu

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    Delay in drop down menu

    Hi guys,

    I'm new in flash and still learning. I need to make drop down menu but with delay, every new item in sub menu should delay for about 1 sec after the one above.
    Can you guys help me to do this? I'm doing drop down menu following this tutorial:

    So can you give me some learing material abot this topic and edit code so it will work the way i want?


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    I dont know much. But you can just incorporate your menu into a function and use setTimer(myfunction,n).

    n is the milliseconds. The setTimer code will do myfunction (which should be a custom function) exactly after n milliseconds. So if you specify 1000 for n, then the function will be called after a delay of 1 second.

    Try using this in some way to delay your menu by 1 second, i have used this very successfully on several webpages and it works decently.

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