Hi - hope this isthe right place to post....

I used to do quite a bit of as3 word but not for quite some time (guess why???). I am now having a play with flash pro6 and the toolkit for create js. I have to say I worked through the platypus example and it kinda left out all the things I wanted to know like the real easy stuff! So for example I want to add a mc to the stage with js --- how? The as bit works ... but I tried various combinations of
var fredd = new fred(); 
fredd.x=100; fredd.y=100; 

/* js 
var fredd = new fred(); 
but I just kept getting an comment about empty symbols and a helpful reminder about the timeline starting at 1. I feel sure this is very easy, but I can't figure it out! Perhaps there is a real beginners resource somewhere that I am missing? Thanks