Hi guys,

I'm animating a book that flips through roughly twenty pages. I must be able to change the duration of the pause between pages so what I'm trying to do is export 20 quicktime movies and 20 stills. In my web browser I reload the HTML element with the relevant clclip/still chronologically and that works perfect. The problem that I have however is ..

When the page flips, when it gets to the upright position there is a slight pause in the quicktime file. I've tried exporting it at some many different settings. I've chosen to create a temporary file on the disk and to convert from memory. I've tried to set keyframes to 1, lower the quality, heighten the quality, etc. There's always a little pause in the middle of the animation. The animation is typically 2 - 3 seconds. At one stage I thought maybe it's because I introduce a resource (image.png) to the flash timeline on the exact frame it starts animating. I then inserted a still (symbol) of it in the frame directly preceding the animation to see if the resource doesn't load and then animate perfectly.

I'm not sure if this is a problem in the conversion stage, if my laptop isn't powerful enough to export this properly or if there's a problem on my timeline. Any insight on exporting for Quicktime.. Important factors in the settings or during timeline creation? Would love to finally export my animations with seamless display.

I read somewhere on a forum that the Quicktime render built in to Flash is pretty bad and that using a third party converter would work better, but haven't found anything worthwhile yet..

Thanks guys,