So in the spirit of hopefully getting back to a bit more regular checking up on this forum, I figured I'll share a game project me and a friend (both programmers) are working on, NeuroPulse!

It was a game idea I originally had about a year ago, and when we heard about Microsoft's Imagine Cup, we started development, and also refining our ideas for it.
Right now we're undergoing a pretty big refactoring, and changing some of the core gameplay elements to feel smoother, and easier to change by the player.

I haven't found an easy way of explaining exactly what goes on in NeuroPulse, which might be a symptom of us not know what is going on either but we're getting close, and more and more things are being hammered out. We even started thinking of a really cool (imo) storyline for it, though we still have a ways to go before even getting near implementing that.

I'll try updating this thread as we have more developments concerning NeuroPulse, it's still very very early pre-alpha!
From the little you guys know, it would be cool to hear what you guys think, or if you have any questions!


ps: Music and sound fx are by me, graphics are generated, except for the texture, which I generated really quickly. Ogre3d is being used for the rendering, CEGUI as the GUI library, and the Anax Entity System for the entity system stuff we're using. (I've become an Entity System fanatic now...)