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    Help Starting Project

    Hi Guys,

    I am new to flash and application development in general, and was wondering how to go about creating an application like the following:


    I want to build a tool exactly like this. What tools would I need to get started?


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    Tools you will need

    For someone who is new to Flash, you have a large mountain ahead of you if you want to develop the app on that website.

    Tools you need are included in Adobe's Master Suite $49 a month:
    Flash Professional

    Beyond the tools, you will need to develop the skills to create graphics and also knowledge of how to program using variables, Arrays, Loops and conditional statements. You can subscribe to Lynda.com $25 month and start learning what you need to know.

    I have been using flash for about 3years and think I have the skills to start creating a website like that. But for someone who is new, that web application is pretty robust.

    It allows a customer to:
    Enter a zip code to see if they are in the service area.
    Choose Frame Style
    Pick Materials
    and in real time updates the price.

    I dont know if there is any behind the scenes database programing happening... It is probably too much to chew on for a beginning developer.

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    Yeah, I know some Javascript, and of course, HTML/CSS, but other than that, nothing really to help with application development. I was trying to help a buddy of mine out with his business, but I may have to build something not so "flashy" *pun intended*. The main problem I'm having building a tool for him is that you can't really use variables to calculate cost, but merely to relate to a predefined cost based on Length, Height, and, Width (so, I have to manually put in all combinations). This is because the way he has his equipment priced--it's impossible to say that a certain length equals so much money, because of the way the price comes out (Ex. A larger structure could actually be cheaper in some regard than a smaller one). I guess I'll just have to do a whole bunch of if...thens and dumb it down visually for now, until I get more experience.

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