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Thread: [CSS] 'Float' causing sidebar to mess up

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    [CSS] 'Float' causing sidebar to mess up

    Hey everyone. I am new to CSS and have been making some very simple sites to improve myself. For my most recent messabout, I've been working with this expandable sidebar menu - http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex1/navigate1.htm

    It all works fine, but I am wanting to add content to the right of the sidebar - in the large blank area, and when I set the sidebar to float:left, it completely screws up the entire layout. As seen here:

    You can check out the sidebar+website I'm working on here: http://ivicapreview.xtreemhost.com/

    If I am going about this all wrong, or you have any suggestions on what I might do to correct the issue, they would be very much appreciated!

    Thanks in advance


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    Already resolvoed this? Guess it a case of using "overflow:hidden" on the parent container to clear your floats.

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