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    Unhappy Outlines/White boxes when publishing/testing...

    I'm just starting to learn flash, and as I learn I'm attempting an escape the room game. I made all the (fairly awful, but that's not the point) graphics in Photoshop (CS3) and imported them to Flash (also CS3). I'm only at the beginning stages, coded a basic idea for the inventory and moving left and right to change views. But now, when I test the game or publish preview it in flash format, outlines like this appear around where every object should be:


    The empty outlines are objects with their alpha component set to zero that will appear in different frames.

    Also, when I do publish preview to HTML:


    There's also the fact that the graphics themselves become worse quality when imported to flash, even if I import them as pngs...

    Here's my view in flash:


    Again, I'm a beginner, so maybe this is a really simple problem or something that happens often, but when searching I just couldn't find it. If necessary, I can post some code.


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    In regards to image quality flash generally defaults pngs to whatever you select as image quality in the export settings. If you want to improve all images do so there. If you want to alter the quality of a specific image you can select it in the library, right click, and choose properties.

    In general I try to keep text and images on hard pixels. I also use smoothing if the images are animated. Hopefully that helps for image quality. In regards to the boxes... unsure what that is.

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