I made flash file (banner) in Adobe After Effects, but the problem is that AAE doesn't have option to add hyperlink to my banner. It only has option to add marker (after specific duration, it redirects to the specific site), I don't want something like this, because it will be annoying for users of my site. So what I want is to add to this .swf file an I don't know? invisible label with another program, which will add this function to my banner. Is there any way to do that with other applications? I don't want to edit whole .swf file, all I need is add redirect link on click by mouse. I know, that I can just make code on my site to do that, but the problem is, that i'm using Openx banner system and their option to add "Destination URL" doesn't work with my banner. They just generate code, to place it on my website in JS. Thank you in advance for answers guys!