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    Working with the time line

    Hello, I am new to Flash and need to work on a project with a 15 minute play time. I am trying to understand the flash time line, how would i set the time line so that my project plays for 15 mins?

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    114 views with no replies...I'm guessing nobody knows or I must have posted a real stupid question.

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    I got this same problem, any body can help?

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    I've got no idea why no one has replied to this, as it's pretty easy to answer, but oh well, I think I will try then

    Do you know what a framerate is? It's also called Frames Per Second and often abbreviated to FPS. Basically, it defines HOW many frames the animation plays every second. In Flash 8, the default FPS is 12, which means for every second, 12 Frames on the timeline will be played, after 2 seconds, 24 frames will have been played, after 10 seconds, 120 frames will have been played. In the newer Flash versions, the default framerate is 24, which means that for every second, 24 frames will be played. You can edit this number by going to Modify -> Document... (or just press CTRL+J), and then editing the Frame rate field.

    So, now that we're done with how things work, you just need to make a basic math calculation to know how many frames you need for 15 minutes, but it all depends on what your framerate is! First of all, you need to convert your minutes to seconds, because frame rate (or Frames Per Second) is in seconds. There are 60 seconds in a minute, so we need to multiply our minutes with 60, to get the corresponding number in seconds:

    15 minutes = 15 * 60 = 900 seconds

    Now to the real equation. Let's say your framerate is 24 fps, meaning that 24 frames will be played every second. So, it's only logical to think that after 10 seconds, the timeline will have played 240 frames. From that, we understand that we have to multiply the framerate with the number of seconds, in order to get how many frames we need, so here's the equation:

    framerate * seconds = total_frames

    Let's look at an example from before. We set the framerate to 24, and we knew that after 10 seconds the timeline would've played 240 frames, but we can double-check that with our formula:

    framerate * seconds = 24 fps * 10 seconds = 240 frames

    So, if our framerate is 24 fps, and we want our animation to last for 10 seconds, then according to our calculation we would need 240 frames.

    Now, to your answer. I don't know what your framerate is, but I'm going to assume you have not changed it, so it's the default value, and I'm also going to assume you're using a newer version of Flash, so then your framerate would be 24. And from before, we have already calculated that 15 minutes is equals to 900 seconds:

    framerate = 24 fps
    seconds = 900 seconds

    framerate * seconds = 24 * 900 = 21 600 frames

    You need 21,600 frames for your 15 minutes long animation if your framerate is 24 fps

    I hope this helps
    I am back, guys ... and finally 18 :P


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