Hi, everyone, I am having an issue with my code where i'm trying to make buttons with "down_states". (im a beginner, so not sure if it is a best way to do this...)

I've just written down these codes, and I have got a error which is "Error #1010: A term is undefined and has no properties."

var KeyboardArray:Array = [Keyboard_MC.Akey, Keyboard_MC.Bkey,Keyboard_MC.Ckey, Keyboard_MC.Dkey,
					Keyboard_MC.Ekey, Keyboard_MC.Fkey, Keyboard_MC.Gkey, Keyboard_MC.Hkey,
					Keyboard_MC.Ikey, Keyboard_MC.Jkey, Keyboard_MC.Kkey, Keyboard_MC.Lkey,
					Keyboard_MC.Mkey, Keyboard_MC.Nkey, Keyboard_MC.Okey, Keyboard_MC.Pkey,
					Keyboard_MC.Qkey, Keyboard_MC.Rkey, Keyboard_MC.Skey, Keyboard_MC.Tkey,
					Keyboard_MC.Ukey, Keyboard_MC.Vkey, Keyboard_MC.Wkey, Keyboard_MC.Xkey,
					Keyboard_MC.Ykey, Keyboard_MC.Zkey]
for (var i1:int = 0; i1 <KeyboardArray.length; i1++)

KeyboardArray[i1].addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER, Keyboard_Over);

function Keyboard_Over(event:MouseEvent):void
	KeyboardArray[i1].gotoAndStop("over_state") //error line
	trace("Moused over");
KeyboardArray[i1].addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OUT, Keyboard_Out);

function Keyboard_Out(event:MouseEvent):void
	KeyboardArray[i1].gotoAndStop("up_state") //error line
	trace("Moused out");
i have this due next week, so it is good for me to hav this fixed in this week! :\