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    Button disappearing


    I am having quite a curious problem. I have a button on frame four that takes you to frame 5. When I return to frame four, said button has disappeared. Plus I receive all the output errors that come with having an addEventListener without the object when I return to frame four (errors that were not there the first time). It's not even a complicated button, I'm still in Alpha stage, just a box with static text.

    No ChildIndex, no removeChild code, just a straight gotoAndStop frame to frame script.

    I solved the problem by nesting the button inside a movie clip, which worked perfectly the first time. Although the issue has been 'fixed', I find it odd placing the button in an movie clip actually changed anything.

    I'm just scratching my head as to why this had happened. I would appreciate any insight as to why this occurred.

    I'm using CS6, Windows 7.

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    I think you should solve this issue by restructuring things. If you build your flash better, your issues with paths, objects and frames will be far easier to deal with.

    You should have one scene with one frame. Put all your graphics, animations, buttons, whatever, in clips. You can put those clips in as many layers as you want, just all in the first frame. Put all your actionscript should be on the first frame in its own layer (or use a class which you'll do later).

    Make clips visible = true or false to show/hide graphics as needed.

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