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Thread: Event Delta Access of undefined property

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    Event Delta Access of undefined property

    I have a simple MOUSE_WHEEL event:
    event.delta //returns 1120: access of undefined property.

    Can't seem to find any info in Flash Help or online about event.delta. Is this a deprecated event?


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    PHP Code:
    import flash.events.MouseEvent;


    mouseWheelFunction(e:MouseEvent):void {
    trace(e.delta); //for me, this returns either 3, or -3 depending on scroll direction

    Works for me. It looks like your problem is that the variable "event" isn't defined. The mouseWheelFunction() is going to receive a MouseEvent object from the event listener, and in this example I named it "e". In your code it looks like you're calling it as "event" so just make sure it matches what you called it in the function arguments.

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