Typically when I see tutorials for a flash rig, the characters can't really move in a 3D space and are mostly just good for that particular scene. Studio rigs I've seen can do a whole 360 but uses shape tween to animate. I find this very frustrating because you tell flash that there are only 6 points to move from point A to B and then it creates 2-6 new points in the middle of the tween. You try to use shape hints but when that gets excessive, you bog down the computer and I've crashed it a few times. I tried the bone tool but found that animation broke every time I saved and reopened the file.
So I'm trying a different approach where I drew each part by hand in only half rotation (because I can flip it for the other half) and I find I'm not to sure on how to animate it at this point. Not to mention I don't know if my rig is correct/functional.

Can someone look over my file and help me with rig? I've been tinkering with this for three weeks and terribly behind in what animations I wanted to have done by now...
"The build" is the original drawing of each piece.
"Stormy" is the consolidated pieces
"Rdy" is the sketch of the animation I wanted to make.

Thank you