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Thread: Need to export my swish movie into an avi file, but can't

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    Need to export my swish movie into an avi file, but can't

    I tried to export my swish file into an avi but at somepoint during the conversion process i receive an error. How can I do that?
    When I export it into a swf file it works fine, but couldn't find a working program that would convert from swf into a avi. I downloaded many programs to convert from swf to avi but nothing works!

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    finally I worked, don't know why yesterday it didn't
    However, the quality is low and the transition is not easy, much different from the exported swf file
    is there any way to enhance the quality of pictures and colors and the transition?? please?

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    ...in SWiSH Max, go "Help/SWiSH Max Help/AVI(Video) Export Options" - it's all explained in detail there.


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    Hi, thanks for the help.
    I solved the problem
    I go to export settings ==> AVI movie ==> uncompressed
    However, I noticed that the sound either does not work if I do this
    or, the file won't open at all.
    Only when I do export settings ==> avi movie ==> uncheck export audio option then the file works with full quality
    Is there any suggestion about the sound?
    although I managed to solve the problem by inserted the exported avi movie into Windows movie maker and then adding the sound, which worked just fine for me, but I am keen to know how to do this without discarding the sound in swish and then using windows Movie Maker just to add the sound!

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