I'm currently working on a Flash application/game that allows you to make and play your own RPG's (or those of someone else). It is basically an RPG web game with build in level editor. It is currently far from finished, but you can already create levels with it, and add NPC's that you can talk to.

It all started some years ago, as you can see in my original post here. I was first making a desktop application, but now that has shifted to doing everything inside Flash, so the game and editor are combined into one.

Here's a screenshot of the RPG editor while working on a game:

And here's an animated GIF of the game in action:

You can try it for yourself at http://rpgplayground.com (this one requires you to register with your email). If you don't want register but have a quick test, you can start up an already created RPG and edit that one.

Let me know what you think of it, and if there are any issues. And have fun creating your own RPG level !