i have a small website (www.beatassist.eu) and i use the website editor to change it, but one of the bad things of this editor is the navigation panel so i opted for using a css menu. Although my main menu is working, when i try to insert a second menu in one of the following options of my website editor:

- textbox with HTML edition;

- Scriptbox with HTML edition or other;

the submenus appear inside a box and not on top of everything.
Somebody told me that the z-index is just when the position is absolute or relative, anyway, i may solve the problem of the submenus appear inside the box by setting all other data inside the HTML script box too.

Even so, i have another problem:

if i use another .css style file for this second menu with diferent images, sizes and colors, each time i open the page where this new menu is set, the main menu also gets this "skinning", even using diferent urls and folders for the 2nd .css document.

Want i want to do is:

keep the main menu appearance and set a new menu with a diferent appearance in the same page, and if possible, bring this menu up so that i do not have to set all data inside the script box!

Is this possible?

I have an example of how it is showing now:


Thanks in advance:
Duarte V.