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Thread: How to creative text field using dynamic text

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    How to creative text field using dynamic text


    I want to create a text field but not trough the "components" since i don't know how to change the Css of the default design.
    Can i make it with Dynamic text?

    Thanks in advance

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    this.createTextField("t1", 0, 200, 200, 400, 50);

    t1.multiline = true; //true/false
    t1.wordWrap = true; //true/false
    t1.type = "dynamyc"; //"dynamic", "input"
    t1.border = true; //true/false
    t1.embedFonts = false; //embed the font, true/false
    t1.html = false; //treat the text box as html text, true/false
    t1.selectable = true; //can be selected true/false
    t1.mouseWheelEnabled = true; //can use the mouse wheel to scroll the text, true/false
    t1.maxChars = null; //if type is input, password, then how many characters can be typed in, number from 0 and up
    var format:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
    format.color = 0x000000; //hexagesimal color number
    t1.setTextFormat(format); //apply the format to the textbox

    t1.text = "Hello, this is my text."; //add text

    createTextField's parameters are:

    createTextField(instance name(with quotes, String), depth(number), _x(number), _y(number), _width(number), _height(number));
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