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    How to add audio - "zers" turntable player remodeled

    I'm very new to flash in general, so please forgive me any mistakes like posting in the wrong forum (to me it's a beginner question anyways) or asking a question that previously have been answered numerous times. - Of course I've searched the forums without success.

    I've been given the task to add an additional track to a slightly remodeled version of zers' turntable player from 2003.
    You may find a published example of the player - that which has been given to me in form of a fla project here: http://www.feibz.ch/flash/feibz-o-mixer.swf

    After learning to play with flash, trying and failing for two days straight, I've managed to extend & create -almost- everything needed to play the new track.

    The last step - and that's why I've decided to ask the pros in here - is to add the new audio file.

    The audio files aren't embedded in the flv and seem to stream (magically) from the root folder of the swf file. The creator seemed to have converted the tracks to audio-only flv files.
    Sadly I know too little about how they were referenced into the player - well all I can see are the events behind the "buttons" (vinyls) - where the tracks are somehow called by name, I have no idea how.

    Example for "track05"
    on (press) {
    	startDrag("/track05", true);
    	if (getProperty("/track05", _droptarget) eq "/target") {
    		tellTarget ("_root") {
    			gotoAndPlay("track05 ende");
    on (release) {
    	if (getProperty("/track05", _droptarget) eq "/target") {
    		tellTarget ("_root") {
    ..which appears to perfectly work - somewhere there has to be a relation to "track05"'s target being bla.flv - but where?

    So I went to extend the project, added the new button ("track06") by copying and renaming - with the result that the new addition plays the audio of which I copied it from.
    Resulting in this: http://www.feibz.ch/flash/feibz-o-mixer5_trans.swf
    When the new track is pulled on the turntable the player - or what it seems to be is opening (most likely that's the "FLVPlayback" in the project) - the bar appears in the wrong place, resulting in a very related problem - where do I find, alter and modify that "player"?
    That player may be a secondary .swf file I've been provided without the .fla project file. It looks like this: http://www.feibz.ch/flash/Feibz.swf
    Maybe a pro like you can tell by the looks - am I on the bad side of luck (as usual ) and the flv tracks are defined in that player?
    It seems odd to me that the whole turntable thing still works perfectly if I delete that "player" thing on the server, of course it might have been somehow embedded within - I'm not that good with flash.

    Screenie of the flash ide:

    What may I additionally provide to determine on how to get the 6th/new track playing?

    Thanks in advance - any help is welcome~

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    okay, found out how it's done.. almost I should say.

    It's like this:

    The player indeed is "Feibz.swf" as mentioned above. Knowing it's a regular flvplayer component, adding an audio file (flv) to it was pretty simple.
    Going via "File" -> "import" -> "import video", while selecting "on your computer" / "load external video with playback component" (and browse for the flv) -> "next" -> "skinning" / "custom skin url" adding Feibz.swf -> (relative path) -> "next" -> "finish", selecting NOT to replace existing components, the assistant added a player component instance.

    Now I could place it in the designer, THOUGH... how did the former dudes make it like "invisible" (as in the screenie above).. I can't even select the flvplayer instances of the first 5 tracks but only see the mark?

    The new addition looks like this:

    Of course it works now, of course I could just leave it like this - even though it looks different (note: there's a red flag now, unlike as in the previous tracks).
    Still I would like to "hide" the new player instance as well cause it's sorta blocking the viewport in the involved frames...

    So how can I hide it?

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