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Thread: Cant believe this place is still going

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    Last time i logged onto FK was on a space-age Pentium III, connection was on a dialup, and colour screen phones were a distant dream! Never imagined i’d see this still going.. absolutely incredible!

    Gerbs, Rugby… great to catch you legends man.
    Lemme see.. we had Subway, MarkP, Aversion, mx_kid, jamble, swampy, LanSite, Morpheus, iForgotmyPassword, gshok … and who’d forget Aria!

    Oh my…

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    pssst you forgot vampstko LMFAO MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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    Nope. I've tried to explain that one to folks plenty of times that gshock != gerbick

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    Quote Originally Posted by XU1 View Post
    talk about blasts from the past

    Any one know where Aria is these days.....I had a crush on her lol

    She was working at MSF ( for a while. I think she is in London now.
    Living the dream

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    Maybe someone remembers me! Funny how flash is now dead, I put so much hard work into it developing websites, I still have hundreds of book marks that no longer work!
    All out of Honey Buffers, so i grabed a few Goose Heads

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