Hi I wrote in the comment of the codes what I need help getting done because i dont know how to check if a text area is focused or not so if you can replace the // comments with what i wrote i need in that part, than that would be helpful, Thanks, Flash as2.

if you dont understand my question than here it is alone

number 73 is = to the keyboard letter i, I am trying to stop the inventory from opening when you press i if the textfield is also focused, but if its not, its ok for the inventory to pop up on keyboard press i, code (73)

var inventory_letter_i:Object = new Object();
inventory_letter_i.onKeyDown = function() {
if (Key.isDown(73) //&& if frame.text_area.text is not focused) {

} else {
//if it is focused dont make the inventory pop up on letter i because the person is typing on the textfield