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Thread: [RESOLVED] Small job - converting a flash file to a gif

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Small job - converting a flash file to a gif


    I have a flash file that displays different coloured animated candles depending on a variable passed to it.

    So, call the flash file with "cream" and it will show the cream candle flickering.

    I think there's about 14 different colours.

    I want to all the different candles as individual gifs with a transparent background so I can overlay them on a background in a webpage.

    I have the swf and the fla file. I've had a bit of a go at this myself and it's not as easy as just opening it and 'exporting is as a gif' or anything but my knowledge of flash and actionscript is limited to say the least!

    I'm not some massive corporation or anything - just a bloke called John - however I'm more than willing to donate a few beers your way if you can help me.

    I'm happy to send anyone interested the files and then they can have a look at picking through it and see if they can come up with something.


    John :-)

    PS. *Edit* - just thought I'd mention - I'm also up for someone just drawing me some animated gif candles if that's easier?

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    Yep, this is resolved. Thanks swak :-)

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