Hi to all gurus,

Here is a small program in flash which calls values from PHP and displays them correctly.

path = "http://localhost/xampp/nwjv/php/"; //declare path to php files
lvOut = new LoadVars(); //create lv object sending variables OUT to php
lvIn = new LoadVars(); //create lv object receiving variables IN from php

lvIn.onLoad = function (success) {
//PHP variable value to textbox

InVal = lvIn.returnVal;
InTxt = lvIn.retVal;

output.text = InVal;
output1.text = InTxt;

/* output1.text = "No Value";

if(InTxt == 'lo' )
output1.text = "Low Value";

if(InTxt == 'hi')
output1.text = "High Value";
//...or notify of failure
output.text = "fail";

myBtn.onRelease = function(){
//assign user-input value to lv property called years
lvOut.years = years.text;
//send to a blank window
// lvOut.send(path + "dogyears_new1.php",lvIn,"GET");
lvOut.sendAndLoad(path + "dogyears_new1.php",lvIn,"GET");
And the simplest PHP code

PHP Code:
PHP Code:
<?php$calculation $_GET["years"]*2
$calculation <=10 $retVal="lo"
$calculation 10)  $retVal="hi"
"&returnVal=$calculation &retVal=$retVal;?>

PHP returns two values which are collected by flash in variables InVal and InTxt. The values collected are correct and are displayed thus in the 2 output boxes.

Now if i the commented out If then block is activated by removing the /* */ from around it and the program is run, clearly the if then blocks fail since the comparison of InTxt fails. It completely fails me why this is happening. While I can display the values correctly, I can't use them in conditional loops. I have even tried them in switch case statements with the same frustrating result. ( The output1.text remains equal to "No Value" when it should change to either "High Value " or "Low Value")

Earlier I was using numbers and when that failed I tried to use strings since I thought that for some reason PHP returns everything as strings. Please note that the command typeof InTxt (not used in the above code) returns a String suggesting that InTxt is a string variable.

But as can be seen, even the string comparison fails.

Can someone please comment on this behavior and suggest a solution.
Thanks loads to all on the forum for any help.